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Whether you need to unclog, maintain or eliminate bad odours, we have effective solutions to offer, both biological and chemical, for all types of pipes.

Septic tanks

Our various bio-enzymatic solutions can unblock, reactivate or simply maintain septic tanks.

Water treatment

Our different formulas, based on biological complexes, make it possible to treat and sanitise water specifically for micro wastewater treatment systems, grease traps or rainwater tanks.

Household cleaners

Whether it is a question of cleaning, degreasing, descaling or maintaining surfaces or floors of all types, we offer a wide range of formulas on a chemical, natural or biological basis.

household cleaners

With our two exclusive eco-refill concepts, we offer a range of detergents that can be reconstituted at home. No more unnecessary water transport and less plastic consumption. Cleaning 3.0 !

household cleaners

Baking soda and soda crystals, sorrel salt, citric acid, vinegar and many others. We offer a range of Ecocertified* raw materials so you can make your own cleaning products at home.

* Eco-detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT standard available at


Chemical or natural Ecocert, we offer a wide range of formulas for the maintenance of outdoor furniture and all types of floors.


We offer both chemical and natural solutions for the ignition, maintenance and cleaning of all types of stoves and fireplace inserts.

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