Your partner in household cleaning products

As a family-owned company, CHEMBO BEVIL is the ideal partner for the development and manufacture of own-brand and Private Label cleaning products.

From design to production

Chembo Bevil manufactures and markets more than 1,000 formulas in the field of chemical and biological cleaning products, dedicated to food, DIY & specialist stores.

The customised manufacture of biological, natural and chemical cleaning and speciality products is our area of expertise. We will support you in your innovation project by providing real added value. Whether it’s product creation, reformulation or manufacturing, Chembo Bevil is the ideal partner.

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How does it work ?

Commercial meeting

We get together to understand your needs and propose solutions.

Our goal ? Make your projects a reality by offering customised products !
Our strength ? More than 40 years of expertise.

Our advisors are involved in your thought process, whether it is the development of new products or the development/expansion of your own Private Label product range.

Thanks to the close cooperation between the R&D and production teams, we can offer you innovative products of the highest quality, adapted to your requests and requirements.

After meeting with our advisors, we will draw up a set of specifications to define the precise needs of your project. You will be supported throughout the process: definition of the concept, product, packaging and label.

Formula development

We will develop your formula or consult our database.

Thanks to our privileged R&D partner, R&O Lab, you can choose from a very extensive catalogue of existing formulas, but you can also participate in the formula innovation thought process or the reformulation of existing formulas.

Thanks to our R&D partner’s expertise, we can quickly respond to changes in regulations and new trends in the market.

Our scientists regularly search for new raw materials that can raise the quality level of our products and enable them continue in their innovation.

We establish strategic partnerships with raw material suppliers, research centres, working groups and best practice exchange groups, for example :

  • DETIC: Belgian-Luxembourgish association of producers and distributors of cosmetics, detergents, cleaning products, biocides, etc.
  • SIRRIS: research centre helping companies to develop, test and implement technological innovations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market and consumer needs ensures that we offer products that exceed their expectations.

We look for any improvements that can optimise and improve the manufacturing and storage processes. Each new development is communicated to the advisors in order to inform their clients and to the R&D department in order to adapt and/or improve their formulas.

In addition, the quality department is regularly consulted to check the conformity of the products.

These elements represent a considerable asset for our clients who want to associate their brand with only the best quality and most innovative products.

As pioneers and innovators, it is our responsibility to do our utmost to create, manufacture and market environmentally friendly products and concepts that are kind to the planet and to users. This determination will benefit not only our clients, but also society as a whole.

As a client, you can choose from one of the 2,000 formulas available, propose your own formula which will then be adapted to your needs in terms of fragrance, colour, etc. or develop a completely new formula, with the help of our R&D department.

As soon as the formula has been decided and the practical testing of the products, both internally and externally, has produced convincing results, we can move on to the production stage.

Formula production

We can produce our own formulas or formulas developed by you.

Manufacturing, packaging and storage.

Thanks to a perfect synergy between our two production sites (Tournai and Gembloux), we are able to match our production as closely as possible to your requirements. This means that we can easily respond to urgent orders or orders that need to be changed at the last minute. The term “customised work” is therefore not an empty concept, but a company philosophy.

Our R&D department provides us complete autonomy with regard to the manufacture of formulas. We can produce your formulas or formulas that we have developed for you.

Our 2 production sites have been designed in such a way that they provide us with enormous flexibility and the ability to cope with high volumes, both in small and large packages, for liquids (5ml to 1000L), powders (5g to 1T), emulsions, gels, extruded or compacted solids.

Packaging and label design

Packaging design.

The right packaging for your product.

We can help you choose the right type of packaging for your product and your brand so that you stand out from your competitors.

Our graphic design unit can create the visual identity that will make your product stand out to consumers. From label design to packaging proposal, we will bring your project to life.

We do not produce the packaging, but we work with reliable partners who are able to accommodate many different requests.

We will help you choose the most suitable packaging for your product and your graphic identity.

In the interest of eco-responsibility, we offer more ecological packaging, such as our sachets of dilutable powder to reconstitute a detergent (Epur & Impec) and our capsules (Fillit). Highly concentrated detergents, packaged in these Fillit capsules, which act as refills for reusable bottles. Highly concentrated detergents, packaged in these Fillit capsules, which act as refills for reusable bottles.

Delivery of the finished product

Flexible and precise schedule.

We deliver to you wherever you are, or you can collect your order from our premises.

Your product will be packed in the packaging and boxes selected. Your product is then palletised and prepared for transport. On the agreed date, your order will be sent to the specified delivery address.

On-time delivery is extremely important ! As well as the conformity of the delivery with the order placed. We do everything possible to avoid stock shortages by following a precise but flexible schedule.

In order to guarantee complete flexibility, we work with several logistic partners to supply you on time and anywhere in the world.

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